5 Simple Statements About driveways kent Explained

It can take around ten working days to get your temporary alternative move. Meanwhile you'll need to pay for the fare. We do not refund fares you pay while you happen to be waiting around.

Medway: You may use your pass as long as your journey commences or ends within the Kent County Council administrative place, but You can not use your move to produce journeys from 1 Medway level to a different Medway stage.

supplied, that in no case of division or mixture shall any residual good deal or parcel be developed which does not meet the requirements of the title.

Short-term parking means parking services specially built to accommodate not lower than fifty-one particular (fifty one) autos and meant for general public use to get a duration of not much more than 5 (five) years, topic to annual maintenance evaluation because of the engineering Office.

View usually means an unrestricted angle of vision emanating from a spot that qualifies as check out residence.

Onsite harmful waste cure or storage facility indicates any dangerous waste procedure or storage facility which treats or merchants only Those people wastes that happen to be produced on the location.

Dwelling unit usually means one area, or rooms related together, constituting a independent, independent housekeeping institution for operator occupancy, or rental or lease with a weekly, every month, or for a longer time foundation, and physically separated from almost every other rooms or dwelling units which may be in precisely the same construction or on the identical house, and made up of unbiased cooking (including a stove) and sleeping facilities.

If they have got it, your child really should have their outdated move, but anyone who would qualify for the scheme ought to be permitted to journey without any evidence of payment or eligibility.

Overlay district suggests an outlined geographic space wherever a set of development laws are established http://pavetheway.co.uk to attain a selected community objective.

Motel, such as hotel and motor hotel, suggests a building or team of properties comprising particular person sleeping or dwelling models for that accommodation of transient friends for compensation.

Private garage or carport suggests a building, or even a part of a constructing, principally for vehicular devices which include cars, boats, etcetera., in which only vehicles used by the tenants of the properties over the premises are saved or retained.

The clerk shall have total discretion to give appropriate pounds to the things set forth above and other variables regarded as depending on the distinct points and instances of each software.

Roofline variation signifies a vertical offset in ridge line, horizontal offset in ridge line, variants of roof pitch, gables, or every other very similar method approved through the preparing manager.

Blended use building or framework suggests a setting up which contains two (2) or more separate and distinctive uses permitted inside the zoning district in which this sort of setting up is situated.

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